Includes house shampoo, towels, wash cloth, ear cleaner, rubber scrubber and rake.

Small pets under 30 lbs: $12.00
Medium pets 31-64 lbs: $14.00
Large pets 65-100 lbs: $16.00
X-Large pets over 100 lbs: $18.00
Verified service dogs: $8.00

Self Serve Packages

De-shed package: $5.00 ($6.50 value)
De-shed shampoo, conditioner and blow dry*

Hypoallergenic package: $5.00 ($7.50 value)
scent free tearless hypo-allergenic shampoo & conditioner and blow dry*. Perfect for puppies and dogs with allergies.

Oxy Med package : $6.00 ($8.50 value)
Oxy med shampoo, conditioner, topical spray and blow dry*. Ideal for dry skin, dandruff and allergies.

Spa package: $6.00 ($7.50 value)
Premium scented shampoo & conditioner, blow dry*, finishing spray and bandana.

*Includes single motor blow dryer. Utilizing double motor blow dryer adds $ 1 to package price.

A la carte

Single Motor Blow dryer: $2.50
Forced air – 15 minutes
(1 048 watts; 130 cfm air flow)

Double Motor Blow dryer: $4.00
Forced air – 15 min
(2098 watts; 245 cfm air flow)
Ideal for heavy, long or double coats.

Nail salon

Dog Nail trimming: $10
Dog Nail grinding: $15

Cat Nail trimming: $15

Specialty Products

Scented shampoos & conditioners $2.00

Medicated Products $2.50
(Oxymed, Neem, Oatmeal/Tea tree, Hypo-Alleregenic)

Flea & Skunk Treatments $10.00
Please note that if your dog has fleas, the forced air blow dryers may not be used.