Metro Detroit Cat Grooming Professionals:
Cat Trimming, Shaving, Bathing & Brushing Services

At Scrubbers, our feline-adoring experts service cats of any size and temperament.

We specialize in solving the most extreme cat fur issues, and offer a complete grooming menu that consists of basic nail care, sanitary trims, bath and brush outs, and more.

We cater to four-legged friends like no one else. They're part of your family. When you trust their grooming to us, we treat them like our family.

With three state-of-the-art locations across Metro Detroit, we've built our reputation on providing the most extensive list of services available. Whether it's a full haircut and shampoo or just a nail trimming, no detail is overlooked.

Our professional cat grooming services are limited to the specific groomers who specialize in cats. We can trim, shave, or just bathe and brush out your cat, and we do it all without the use of sedatives or restraints. And, much like the treatments we offer our canine companions, our professional cat groomers can also de-flea and de-skunk your cat, if necessary.

Our professional cat groomers have been trained to handle all breeds, including hard to handle cats. Some cats do tend to stress out in a groom shop environment with lots of background noise. Our groomers will do everything to ensure your cat is as comfortable as possible.

Our cat groomers have extensive training in animal behavior and handling. We focus on one cat at a time so cats do not become over stimulated. Our Metro Detroit grooming shops are clean and calm, creating an environment most suitable to grooming cats.

Most cat fur problems result from too much accumulated shed hair in your cat’s coat. Scrubber’s exclusive deshedding and dematting services remove excess shed while maintaining your cat’s full-length coat.

Our cat groomers have experience working with cats of all sizes and temperaments, including:

Cats with heart disease and murmurs
Cats who are shy, skittish, agitated, or aggressive
Cats with blindness and/or mobility issues
Cats who are elderly and/or have special needs
Cats with hair, without hair, matted hair, and perfect hair
Cats who are delicate and social

Cat grooms include a nail trim, ear cleaning and bath. We always use professional-grade, patented tools to comfortably and efficiently groom your cat. Just let us know if you’d like a haircut, too!

In most cases, we can successfully groom difficult and hard-to-manage cats. So, if your cat has been turned away elsewhere, give us a call.

At Scrubbers, we pamper your kitty in a healthy, stress-free environment, providing them with dedicated and loving attention while they receive personalized care based on an individualized assessment on every visit.

Our top-rated cat groomers are experts on feline behavior, handling and grooming, and our interaction with kitties during the grooming process is a critical part of our service.


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