When Should A Puppy First Get Groomed?
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It’s never too early to get your dog accustomed to grooming.

That said, puppies -- generally speaking -- should be introduced to professional grooming when they are about 8-12 weeks old or have had their second round of vaccines.

Though puppies generally don't require much grooming, it's important to start early, so they get used to being handled by you and other people, including veterinarians and groomers.

A puppy's coat is quite different to an adult dog’s coat. Oftentimes, it’s softer, fluffier and shorter, but it’s still important to get your puppy used to being groomed -- even if he doesn't need it yet.

Your puppy’s first visit will be simple. A bath, blow-dry, nail clipping, and a little trimming around the face are oftentimes all that’s needed. Our groomers are trained to start slow and sweet in an effort to avoid stressing the puppy out and avoid ruining the grooming experience.

Once your puppy is settled, your grooming routine will depend on your puppy’s coat type: Smooth coats, short coats, long coats or silky coats. Also, some breeds require special grooming techniques. Our expert groomers can advise you of your breed's specific needs.

At Scrubbers, our groomers work with a variety of puppies all day, and each of our clients want a slightly different thing. So, it’s difficult to identify how long the first groom will last, because each experience is different and tailored specifically to address the needs of your puppy.

That said, the first grooming appointment may be lengthy, because we want the puppy to feel comfortable and gain the trust of our grooming staff. With a gentle touch, we’re hopeful your puppy will learn grooming is an enjoyable experience and not something to fear.

A new puppy’s first groom is important and should be a pleasant and pleasurable experience. You can help your puppy get used to the procedures at home by teaching him the basics.

In preparation for your puppy’s first visit to our store, try to handle your furry friend’s paws as often as possible. Puppies have an instinctual reaction to pull back when people first touch their paws. Initially, they don’t like it, but with some gentle coaxing and loving massaging of their paws, eventually, puppies begin to see it as any other form of petting. This will be extremely helpful when one of our trained groomers attempts to clip your puppy’s nails. It will be much easier for them to get through the process.

The same principle applies to your puppy’s ears. You will want to gain their trust with humans touching their ears. When a groomer goes in prodding around in their ear, they’re entitled to feel uncomfortable. So, massage your puppy’s ears when you first take him home, and make sure he knows the feeling of having his ears played with is comforting.

If you plan on taking your dog to a professional groomer as an adult, call the groomer and ask if your puppy can drop in for a visit -- once his vaccinations are up to date. At Scrubbers, our clients are more than welcome to bring more than one dog at a time -- even for a visit.

If you intend on using the Self-Wash service, one dog will be placed in the tub, and your puppy can hang out by your side, while attached to a secure attachment next to the tub. We offer an automatic discount of $2.00 if you use the same tub for more than one dog.

For safety and courtesy, if you are not able to control multiple dogs by yourself, please bring an additional person with you to help.

Bottom line: If your dog gets into the routine of being handled, and learns to enjoy it, puppy grooming will be much easier in the future!