Is It Safe To Blow Dry My Pet?
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Yes. Not only is it safe to blow dry your pet, it’s also really important, both to prevent the dog from getting hot spots (acute moist dermatitis), and creating unsightly cowlicks.

At Scrubbers, we use dryers that ensure a dog's comfort and well-being. Using a drying unit on a dog's coat can improve his appearance and keep his coat shiny for days to come.

Experts say your dog should get a bath at least once a month, and our industrial high velocity dryers will help make the monthly rite of passage as smooth and easy as possible.

When grooming a dog, it’s always best to use a high velocity dog blow dryer after the rinse in order to get a clean coat, properly dry, and ready to be worked on. Scrubbers’ single- and double-motor blow dryers are designed for professional style grooming. Each industrial-strength dryer has a powerful airflow that dries quickly and thoroughly, saving you time and money.

Our industrial-strength dryers may sound like a lot to handle, but they do not use a heating element, which takes some of the challenge away. This is a good choice if you want the quickest option without the risk of burning.

There are several types of dog blow dryers, including, high velocity dryers, which blow cold air at high speed and safely blasts the water off the dog’s coat. There are also low pressure dryers, which generally blow warm air at a low speed, and handheld blow dryers -- similar to those that are used in hair salons.

Both low pressure and handheld dog dryers use hot air to dry the dog, which can be extremely dangerous since the skin of a dog is very sensitive and gets burnt very easily.

Scrubbers’ professional-grade force dryers are designed to use air that is cool enough to keep your pet comfortable. Our dryers blast water off your pet’s coat, and are helpful in blasting shedding hair. They’re also great for straightening your pet’s hair.

Blow drying your pet until its coat is all the way dry will make it look its best. The hair will be straight, fluffy, and clean. Also, letting a high velocity blow dryer do most of the work will save you from wrist fatigue and also save you lots of time.

You can use a towel or let your dog or cat air dry -- but a professional-grade hair dryer will complete the job in the shortest time with the least fuss.

That said, not all dogs will allow you to use a high velocity dog blow dryer on their head, and even less likely on their ears. Noise and fast airflow may cause anxiety, so work slowly and see what your dog accepts.

How To Properly Dry Your Dog

Here are the steps needed to dry a dog’s body using a dog blow dryer:
1 Place the dryer hose right up against the skin.
2 Use short up-and-down strokes (and side-to-side strokes).
3 Concentrate on drying from the skin out.

To dry your dog’s head using a high velocity dog dryer, follow these steps:
1 Fold the dog’s ears so they are always closed.
2 Dry the ears, but keep air out of the ears, and never blow air directly into their canals.
3 Dry the back of the dog’s head.