Metro Detroit Dog Nail Grinding:
Pet Nail Grinding & Trimming Groomers

Just like humans, dogs nails grow fast, and if you don't grind or trim them, they can become very uncomfortable and, sometimes, painful.

When a dog’s nails are too long, it can impede their ability to walk and run properly. Long nails can curl under and become painful, forcing the animal to change the way they walk and run. This puts excess strain on their paws and legs that can cause stress on the dog’s joints, which can lead to joint damage and arthritis.

At Scrubbers, our expert dog groomers have all of the tools and the skills to grind and trim your dog’s nails, and can even provide a Dremel nail trim if you and your pooch desire.

Each groomer on our staff has a true love and affinity for animals and our combined experience ensures that your doggy best friend will get excellent care each time he visits.

What Is A Nail Grinder?

At Scrubbers, we can use grinding tools for pets that suffer from clipper anxiety. Nail grinders are also good for large and thick nails that are hard to clip.

Dremel, an electrical rotary tool, is used to grind dogs’ nails by spinning the round metal head. You can use Dremel for providing final touch after cutting the long nails of your pet.

“Rotary tool” means the bit you put in the tool rotates, and quite rapidly at that. Grinding a dog’s nails, such as with the Dremel, uses an abrasive surface -- similar to sandpaper -- to remove thin layers.

Grinders may produce loud noises, which can be scary for your dog. It can also cause odor and dust, so pet owners are advised to make use of mouth mask cover and eye protection.

If you maintain a short length with the Dremel, you won’t have to use the regular clippers.

Nail Grinders vs. Nail Clippers

If you notice slight limping or excessive licking of your pet’s feet, it may be an indication that your dog is in pain. Trimming their nails, be it by cutting or grinding, may give your pet some much-needed relief.

A good way to tell if they are too long is to listen as they cross a room with tile or wood flooring. If you can hear them “click,” then they are too long.

Long nails can snag and break, which is a painful injury for the pup. All nails, including the dew claw, must be shortened. The dew claw can curl back as it grows causing pain.

Both grinding and clipping are types of tools that you can make use of it to trim the nails of your pet. But which tool is best for trimming the nails of your pet?
• Nail clipping is the quick and quiet process.
• It does not require electricity or battery to work as they work manually.
• It can cut the quick of your mutt’s nail, so you have to be careful while using of it.
• It may result in pain if it squeezes your pet’s quick, causing pinching.
• Seldom it can cause the dog’s nail to break.
• Nail grinding won’t cut deep into the quick, like traditional nail clippers.
• There is a dust created when you use the sanding bit of a rotary tool on a dog’s nails.
• Pet nail grinders are rotary tools. These power tools can generate some heat if you leave it on one spot for too long.

Grinding a dog’s nails can often get them shorter than regular nail trimming. It doesn't leave jagged edges, and won't cut the quick. Dog nail grinders are particularly handy for dogs with large, thick nails that can be difficult to clip.

During the grinding process, your pet's nails will be rounded and smoothed over with a specialized grinding tool. Rounded nails ensure your dog’s nails won’t get snagged on carpets. Nail grinding is especially handy for dogs that have a tendency to scratch or jump up on owners.

Ultimately, your dog’s personality will help determine which tool (nail grinder or nail clipper) will be more effective and less stressful for your pet.

If your pet is scared of loud noises, you should likely choose to use clippers. That said, nail grinding is recommended if you have small kids or hardwood floors.

If you’ve tried nail clippers in the past and freaked out your pooch, you may find better luck getting your dog to go along with a grinder. In some cases, you may want to consider both methods. A nail clipper can be used to trim your dog’s nails, and a grinder can smooth them out.

At Scrubbers, our professionally trained groomers have loads of experience grinding dog nails. No appointment is necessary and walk-ins are welcomed, so drop in anytime we are open.