KONG Zoom Groom Dog & Cat Brush:
Metro Detroit Pet Grooming & Shampooing Brush

The KONG Zoom Groom will change the way you groom your pet for good.

Widely considered to be the best grooming and shampooing brush available, the KONG Zoom Groom is perfect for removing hair, and will massage your furry friend while you brush.

Rows of flexible rubber cones massage your pet and remove loose hair, dirt, and dead skin. Keeping your furry friend beautiful has never been faster -- or easier.

The highly touted brush comes in two colors, raspberry and boysenberry, and is available in two sizes: small and regular. It’s effective for dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes.

The KONG Zoom Groom brush removes loose hair like a magnet, and stimulates capillaries and natural oil production for healthy skin and a healthy coat.

What are you waiting for? “Groomassage” your dog with the Zoom Groom, which can be purchased at any of three Scrubbers locations throughout Metro Detroit.

Key Benefits of The KONG Zoom Groom

• Easy to grip brush.
• Soft rubber bristles to promote healthy skin and coat.
• Can be used as a bathing tool.
• Stimulates natural oil production, for healthy skin and a lustrous coat.
• Comfort grip design offers a sure hold, wet or dry.
• Cleans up in a snap -- just grab the hair, lift and toss.
• Made in the United States.

How To Use The KONG Zoom Groom

While bathing, apply shampoo to the Zoom Groom. In a circular motion, glide the Zoom Groom through your pet’s wet hair. Rinse. The Zoom Groom can also be used for regular brushing. Just brush your pet’s fur in a circular motion.

History of KONG

An internationally recognized company, KONG developed from founder, Joe Markham's struggle to keep his dog, Fritz, entertained and away from harmful items he liked to chew on.

KONG’s products are made from pet-safe and durable rubber that gives an erratic bounce to keep your dog engaged all day long. KONG dog toys provide multiple functions like bouncing, stuffing, and throwing.

KONG’s products include rubber toys, plush toys, knots, treats, wubba friends, interactive toys, air toys, and collars.